Best False Eyelashes For Over 60

Imagine enhancing your natural beauty and achieving a youthful, mesmerizing gaze with just a simple addition to your makeup routine. Introducing the best false eyelashes for those who are over 60, designed specifically to complement and flatter mature eyes. These eyelashes are carefully crafted to provide a subtle and elegant look, allowing you to embrace your age while still feeling fabulous. With their lightweight and comfortable feel, these false eyelashes are the perfect addition to your cosmetics arsenal, effortlessly elevating your appearance and boosting your confidence. Rediscover the power of your eyes and embrace a more youthful radiance with the best false eyelashes for those over 60.

Types of False Eyelashes

When it comes to false eyelashes, there are several types to choose from, depending on your personal preferences and the look you want to achieve. The most common types of false eyelashes are strip lashes, individual lashes, and magnetic lashes.

Strip Lashes

Strip lashes, as the name suggests, come in a strip that you apply on top of your natural eyelashes. They are typically made of synthetic or natural hair and are available in various lengths and styles. Strip lashes are easy to apply and remove, making them a popular choice for beginners. They can give you a dramatic, full lash look.

Individual Lashes

Individual lashes are separate lash clusters that you apply onto your natural lashes using adhesive. They allow for a more customizable look, as you can choose to apply as many or as few lashes as you desire. Individual lashes provide a natural-looking enhancement to your lashes and can be more comfortable to wear compared to strip lashes.

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are a newer innovation in the world of false eyelashes. Instead of using adhesive, these lashes use tiny magnets along the lash line to hold them in place. They are typically available in strip form, making them easy to apply and remove. Magnetic lashes are a great option for those who are sensitive to lash glues or who want a quick and fuss-free application process.

Considerations for Choosing False Eyelashes

When choosing false eyelashes, there are a few factors to consider to ensure that you select the right ones for your needs and preferences.

Natural Look

One of the main considerations is the desired look you want to achieve. If you prefer a more natural look, opt for lashes that mimic the thickness and length of your natural lashes. Look for lashes that have varying lengths, as this will make them blend seamlessly with your own lashes, giving a more realistic appearance.


False eyelashes should feel comfortable on your eyelids, so it’s important to choose lightweight lashes. Heavy lashes can weigh down your eyelids and cause discomfort over time. Look for lashes made from lightweight materials such as synthetic fibers or natural hair.

Eyelash Band

The band of the false eyelashes is another important factor to consider. A thick, stiff band can be uncomfortable to wear and may be more noticeable. On the other hand, a thin and flexible band will conform to the shape of your eyelid, making them more comfortable and less likely to poke or irritate your eyes.

Eyelash Length

False eyelashes come in various lengths, ranging from subtle, natural lengths to long and dramatic lengths. Consider your personal style preferences and the occasion you will be wearing the lashes for when choosing the length. For a natural look, opt for lashes that are slightly longer than your natural lashes. If you’re going for a more dramatic look, choose lashes that are significantly longer and more voluminous.

Eyelash Style

The style of the false eyelashes refers to the shape and arrangement of the lashes. There are various styles available, including natural, wispy, dramatic, and cat-eye styles. Natural styles give a subtle enhancement to your lashes, while dramatic lashes are fuller and more voluminous. Wispy lashes offer a fluttery and feathery effect, while cat-eye lashes have longer lashes on the outer corners, giving a more elongated and lifted appearance to the eyes. Choose a style that suits your eye shape and desired look.

Best False Eyelashes For Over 60

Best False Eyelashes for Over 60

Now that we’ve covered the different types of false eyelashes and considerations for choosing them, let’s explore some of the best false eyelashes specifically for individuals over 60. These lashes are designed to enhance the natural beauty of more mature eyes and provide a youthful, yet subtle, enhancement to the lashes.

1. Ardell Demi Wispies

Ardell Demi Wispies are a classic choice for individuals over 60. They feature a comfortable, lightweight band and wispy lashes that add just the right amount of volume and length. These lashes provide a natural yet noticeable enhancement to your eyes, perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

2. Eylure Naturals No. 003

Eylure Naturals No. 003 lashes are ideal for those who prefer a more subtle and natural look. These lashes have a lightweight band and blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. They provide a soft and fluttery effect, enhancing your eyes without looking too heavy or dramatic.

3. Kiss True Volume Lashes

Kiss True Volume Lashes offer a blend of natural and dramatic elements, making them suitable for various occasions. These lashes feature a flexible band and a graduated length, with longer lashes in the center for a wide-eyed effect. The lightweight design ensures a comfortable fit throughout the day.

4. Velour Effortless Collection

Velour Effortless Collection lashes are crafted with high-quality mink fur, giving them a luxurious look and feel. These lashes offer a natural, fluttery effect and are designed to be easy to apply for individuals of all ages. The lightweight band makes them comfortable to wear and ensures a seamless blend with your natural lashes.

5. Esqido Companion Eyelashes

Esqido Companion Eyelashes are handmade with premium mink hair, providing a soft and natural-looking enhancement to your lashes. These lashes feature a thin band that seamlessly blends with your natural lash line. The lightweight design ensures a comfortable and long-lasting wear.

6. Tarte Tarteist Pro Cruelty-Free Lashes

Tarte Tarteist Pro Cruelty-Free Lashes are perfect for those looking for a more dramatic and voluminous lash effect. These lashes have a thin and flexible band that conforms to your eyelid shape for a comfortable fit. The fluttery and full lashes add a glamorous touch to any makeup look.

7. Lilly Lashes Miami

Lilly Lashes Miami are beloved by many for their dramatic and glamorous effect. These lashes feature a lightweight band and long, voluminous lashes that open up the eyes and create a bold look. Despite their dramatic appearance, the soft and lightweight band ensures a comfortable wear.

8. House of Lashes Demure Lite

House of Lashes Demure Lite lashes are designed with a natural and fluttery effect in mind. These lashes have a lightweight band and varying lengths for a subtle yet noticeable enhancement to your eyes. The Demure Lite style adds a touch of glamour without being overly dramatic.

9. Lashify Control Kit

The Lashify Control Kit is a unique system that allows you to customize and apply your false lashes. This kit includes individual lash clusters that you can apply and build up to create the desired look. The lightweight and comfortable lashes provide a natural-looking enhancement.

10. Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes

Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes offer a range of styles suitable for individuals over 60. These lashes feature a comfortable band and various lengths and volumes to choose from. Whether you prefer a natural, wispy look or a more dramatic effect, Huda Beauty has a lash style for you.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying False Eyelashes

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect false eyelashes, it’s time to learn how to apply them for a flawless and natural look. Follow these step-by-step instructions to achieve beautiful lashes.

1. Prepare Your Natural Lashes

Before applying false eyelashes, ensure that your natural lashes are clean and free from any mascara or other makeup products. This will create a smooth surface for the false lashes to adhere to and prevent clumping or flaking.

2. Trim the False Eyelashes

Measure the false eyelashes against your natural lash line and trim them if necessary. It’s important to ensure that the false lashes fit your eye shape and don’t extend beyond the outer corners of your eyes.

3. Apply Eyelash Glue

Carefully apply a thin line of eyelash glue along the band of the false lashes. Be sure to use a glue that is specifically made for false eyelashes and allow it to become tacky for a few seconds.

4. Wait for the Glue to Get Tacky

Wait for the glue to become tacky before applying the false lashes. This will ensure that they adhere properly and don’t slide around on your eyelids.

5. Apply the False Eyelashes

Using a pair of tweezers or your fingers, gently place the false lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. Press them down firmly, starting from the inner corner and working your way to the outer corner of your eyes.

6. Adjust and Secure the False Eyelashes

Once the false lashes are in place, use the tweezers or your fingers to adjust and secure them. Make sure they are sitting comfortably on your natural lash line and are evenly spaced. If needed, use a lash curler to blend your natural lashes with the false lashes for a seamless look.

Best False Eyelashes For Over 60

Tips for Maintaining False Eyelashes

Taking care of your false eyelashes will ensure that they last longer and continue to look their best. Here are some tips for cleaning, removing, and storing your false eyelashes:

Cleaning False Eyelashes

To clean your false eyelashes, gently remove any excess glue from the band using tweezers or your fingers. Then, soak a cotton pad or swab in a gentle oil-free eye makeup remover and carefully wipe along the lash band to remove any remaining makeup or adhesive. Never soak your false eyelashes in water or any other liquid, as this can damage them.

Removing False Eyelashes

To remove your false eyelashes, gently grasp the outer corner of the lash band with your fingers or tweezers and carefully lift it away from your natural lash line. Avoid pulling on the lashes forcefully, as this can cause damage to your natural lashes.

Storing False Eyelashes

After cleaning and removing your false eyelashes, it’s important to store them properly to maintain their shape and quality. Place them back in their original packaging or in a clean, dry container to prevent them from getting tangled or damaged. You can also use a lash case specifically designed for storing false eyelashes.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your false eyelashes for multiple uses and keep them in great condition. Remember to always handle your false lashes with care and avoid using excessive force when applying or removing them to ensure the longevity of both your false lashes and natural lashes.

In conclusion, false eyelashes can be a wonderful addition to your makeup routine, offering the opportunity to enhance your natural beauty and achieve a wide range of looks. Whether you opt for strip lashes, individual lashes, or magnetic lashes, taking into consideration factors such as the natural look, lightweight feel, eyelash band, length, and style will help you find the perfect pair. For individuals over 60, the best false eyelashes are those that provide a subtle enhancement while still being comfortable to wear. With the right lashes and proper application techniques, you can achieve stunning, youthful-looking eyes.