Best Natural Looking False Eyelashes For Asian Eyes

If you’ve ever wondered about the secret behind stunning, natural-looking eyelashes for Asian eyes, look no further. We’ve gathered the top recommendations for the best false eyelashes that will enhance your beauty without looking over-the-top. With these falsies, you can achieve long, voluminous lashes that perfectly complement your unique eye shape and features. Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with effortless, natural-looking lashes that are bound to leave everyone in awe.

Best Natural Looking False Eyelashes For Asian Eyes

Understanding Asian Eye Shapes

Monolid eyes

Monolid eyes are characterized by a single, smooth eyelid without a visible crease. This eye shape is common among many Asians and can be beautiful in its own unique way. When choosing false eyelashes for monolid eyes, it’s important to consider styles that add definition and enhance the natural shape of the eye.

Double eyelid eyes

Double eyelid eyes have a visible crease that separates the eyelid into two distinct sections. This eye shape is also common among Asians and offers more versatility when it comes to choosing false eyelashes.

Hooded eyes

Hooded eyes have a folding or drooping of the skin on the eyelid that can make the eyelashes less visible. It’s important to choose false eyelashes that open up the eyes and provide a lifted effect.

Almond-shaped eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are characterized by a slightly upward and outward tilt at the outer corners. This eye shape is considered to be quite versatile and can suit a variety of false lash styles.

Factors to Consider when Choosing False Eyelashes

Length and Volume

When choosing false eyelashes, consider the desired length and volume. If you prefer a natural look, opt for lashes that are shorter and less voluminous. For a more dramatic look, choose longer and fuller lashes.

Curl Type

False eyelashes come in different curl types, ranging from natural to dramatic. Consider your natural lash curl and choose false lashes that complement it. If you have straight lashes, opt for lashes with a noticeable curl to add lift and definition to your eyes.

Band Thickness

The band thickness of false eyelashes can vary, and it’s important to choose one that suits your eye shape and comfort level. Thicker bands may provide more durability and longevity, but they can also feel heavier on the eyes. Thinner bands can offer a more lightweight and comfortable fit.


False eyelashes are typically made from synthetic fibers, mink, or human hair. Synthetic lashes are budget-friendly and widely available, while mink lashes provide a more luxurious and natural look. Human hair lashes offer a lightweight and natural appearance, but they can be pricier.


False eyelashes are available in various colors, including black, brown, and even colored options. Black lashes tend to provide the most natural look and enhance the eyes’ definition. Brown lashes can be a softer alternative for a more subtle effect. Colored lashes can add a fun and unique twist to your makeup look.

Types of False Eyelashes for Asians

Individual Lashes

Individual lashes are small clusters of false lashes that can be applied in a customized manner. They offer a natural and customizable look, making them suitable for those who want to enhance their natural lashes without the appearance of wearing false eyelashes.

Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are pre-made sets of false lashes that come in a strip. They are versatile and easy to apply, making them a popular choice for many Asians. Strip lashes are available in various lengths, volumes, and styles, allowing you to achieve different looks.

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are a convenient option for those who struggle with adhesive application. These lashes feature tiny magnets along the lash band, which adhere to a magnetic eyeliner or another set of lashes. They eliminate the need for glue, making application and removal easier.

Half Lashes

Half lashes are shorter strips of false lashes that are applied to the outer corners of the eyes. They are designed to enhance the outer corners and create a winged effect. Half lashes are a great option for those who want a subtle yet eye-opening look.

Top Brands for Natural Looking False Eyelashes

Dolly Wink

Dolly Wink is a popular Japanese brand known for its natural-looking false eyelashes. Their lashes are designed to enhance the natural beauty of Asian eyes and come in various styles, lengths, and volumes. Dolly Wink lashes are made with high-quality synthetic fibers and offer a comfortable and lightweight feel.


Innisfree is a Korean brand that offers a wide range of false eyelashes suitable for Asian eyes. Their lashes are made with soft, lightweight materials that provide a natural and comfortable fit. Innisfree lashes are known for their durability and ability to enhance the shape and definition of the eyes.


D.U.P. is a trusted Japanese brand that specializes in false eyelashes. They offer a variety of styles that cater to different eye shapes, including monolid and double eyelid eyes. D.U.P. lashes are known for their superior quality, long-lasting wear, and natural appearance.

Etude House

Etude House is a well-known Korean beauty brand that offers a diverse range of false eyelashes. Their lashes are designed to enhance Asian eye shapes and provide a natural yet glamorous look. Etude House lashes are made with high-quality materials and offer a comfortable fit, making them suitable for everyday wear.

Best Natural Looking False Eyelashes For Asian Eyes

Best False Eyelashes for Monolid Eyes

Wispy and Natural Styles

For monolid eyes, wispy and natural styles of false eyelashes are highly recommended. These lashes add subtle length and volume without overpowering the eyes. Choose lashes with a mixture of shorter and longer strands for a more natural, fluttery effect.

Corner Lashes

Corner lashes are shorter lash strips designed to be applied to the outer corners of the eyes. They create an elongated and lifted effect, enhancing the shape of monolid eyes. Choose corner lashes with a crisscross pattern to add depth and dimension to the outer corners.

Short Lashes

Short lashes are perfect for those who prefer a more understated look. They add a subtle pop to the lashes without being overpowering. Opt for lashes with a natural-looking curl and shorter length to enhance the natural beauty of monolid eyes.

Best False Eyelashes for Double Eyelid Eyes

Natural-Looking Volume

When it comes to double eyelid eyes, lashes with a natural-looking volume are a great choice. Look for lashes that have a mixture of shorter and longer strands, as well as staggered lengths, to create a natural and luscious effect. These lashes will enhance the visible crease and add depth to the eyes.

Crossed and Layered Styles

Crossed and layered styles of false eyelashes can beautifully accentuate double eyelid eyes. These lashes have crisscrossing strands that create a more dramatic and fluttery effect. Opt for lashes with varying lengths and a mix of thick and thin strands for added dimension.

Winged and Cat-Eye Styles

Winged and cat-eye styles of false eyelashes are perfect for creating a bold and glamorous look for double eyelid eyes. These lashes have longer strands at the outer corners, creating a winged effect. They help to elongate the eyes and add a touch of sophistication to any makeup look.

Best Natural Looking False Eyelashes For Asian Eyes

Best False Eyelashes for Hooded Eyes

Multi-Layered Lashes

Hooded eyes can benefit from multi-layered lashes that provide dimension and open up the eyes. These lashes have multiple layers of varying lengths, creating a fuller and more voluminous look. Choose lashes with a crisscross pattern to help lift the hooded lid.

Curled and Fluffy Styles

Curled and fluffy styles of false eyelashes are excellent for hooded eyes as they help to enhance the visible lid space and create a more open-eyed appearance. Look for lashes with a noticeable curl and feathery strands to give the eyes a lifted and glamorous look.

Best False Eyelashes for Almond-Shaped Eyes

Long and Dramatic Styles

Almond-shaped eyes can carry off long and dramatic styles of false eyelashes beautifully. These lashes add length, volume, and intensity to the eyes, making them stand out. Opt for lashes with a mixture of shorter and longer strands for a more natural yet bold look.

Curl-Enhancing Lashes

Curl-enhancing lashes are designed to accentuate the natural upward tilt of almond-shaped eyes. These lashes have a noticeable curl and are typically longer at the outer corners. They help to enhance the natural shape of the eyes and create a mesmerizing effect.

Application Techniques for Natural-Looking False Eyelashes

Correct Sizing and Trimming

Before applying false eyelashes, it’s important to ensure that they are the correct size for your eyes. Measure the lashes against your lash line and trim any excess from the outer corners if necessary. This will prevent the lashes from hanging over the edge of your natural lash line.

Using a Good Adhesive

Invest in a high-quality lash adhesive that offers a strong hold without causing irritation. Apply a thin layer of adhesive along the lash band and wait for a few seconds for it to become slightly tacky before applying the lashes. This will ensure a secure and long-lasting hold.

Positioning the Lashes

Using a pair of tweezers or a lash applicator, carefully place the false lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. Start with the inner corner and press gently along the lash band, securing it in place. Repeat the process for the outer corner, making sure the lashes are evenly spaced and aligned with your natural lashes.

Finishing Touches

Once the false lashes are in place, gently press them against your natural lashes to ensure a seamless blend. Use an eyelash curler to curl both your natural and false lashes together for a more cohesive look. Apply a coat of mascara to blend the lashes even further and to add extra volume if desired.

Caring for False Eyelashes

Removing the Lashes Properly

To remove false eyelashes, gently peel them off starting from the outer corners. Avoid pulling or tugging on the lashes, as this can damage both the false and natural lashes. If necessary, use a small amount of oil-based makeup remover on a cotton swab to dissolve any remaining adhesive.

Cleaning and Storing the Lashes

After each use, it’s important to clean your false eyelashes to remove any makeup residue and bacteria. Use a gentle oil-based makeup remover or micellar water to clean the lashes, gently wiping them along the strip and the lashes themselves. Store the lashes in their original packaging or a clean, dry container to maintain their shape and prevent dust buildup.

Applying Adhesive for Reuse

If you plan to reuse your false eyelashes, apply a small amount of adhesive along the lash band, focusing on the inner and outer corners. Wait for the adhesive to become slightly tacky before reapplying the lashes using the same techniques as before. Remember to trim the lashes if necessary to fit your eyes properly.

By understanding Asian eye shapes and considering factors such as length, volume, curl type, band thickness, material, and color, you can confidently choose false eyelashes that enhance your natural beauty. With the wide variety of styles available, including individual lashes, strip lashes, magnetic lashes, and half lashes, you can easily find the perfect fit for your Asian eyes. Remember to explore top brands like Dolly Wink, Innisfree, D.U.P., and Etude House for natural-looking false eyelashes that suit your preferences. Whether you have monolid, double eyelid, hooded, or almond-shaped eyes, there are specific lash styles that can enhance your unique eye shape. By following proper application techniques, such as correct sizing and trimming, using a good adhesive, positioning the lashes accurately, and adding finishing touches like mascara and curling, you can achieve a natural-looking result. Lastly, take care of your false eyelashes by removing them gently, cleaning and storing them properly, and applying adhesive for reuse when desired. With these tips, you’ll be able to rock stunning false lashes that beautifully frame your Asian eyes.