How Do I Measure And Trim False Eyelashes To Fit My Eyes?

Are you struggling to find the perfect fit for your false eyelashes? Fret not, because we have got you covered! In this article, we will guide you on the art of measuring and trimming false eyelashes to ensure they perfectly complement your eyes. Say goodbye to those uncomfortable and ill-fitting lashes, as we provide you with easy-to-follow steps to achieve flawless, customized lashes that enhance your natural beauty. So, get ready to elevate your lash game and step into a world of effortless glamour!

Measuring Your Eyes

When it comes to achieving the perfect fit for your false eyelashes, measuring your eyes is an essential step. By determining the length and width of your eyes, you can ensure that the false eyelashes will enhance your natural eye shape and create a seamless, realistic look.

Determining the Length of False Eyelashes

To measure the length of false eyelashes, start by placing the strip on your eyelid without any adhesive. Gently adjust the position until the inner corner of the strip aligns with the start of your natural lashes, and the outer corner reaches the end of your lash line. Take note of any excess length that extends beyond the outer corner of your eye.

Measuring the Width of False Eyelashes

To determine the width of false eyelashes, place the strip against your natural lash line, making sure it covers your lashes from the inner to the outer corner. If the strip is wider than your eye, you may need to trim it to achieve a proper fit. Remember to measure both eyes individually, as they may have slightly different widths.

Preparing False Eyelashes for Trimming

Before you start trimming your false eyelashes, it’s important to gather the required tools and materials. You will need a pair of small scissors with sharp blades, a pair of tweezers, a mirror, and of course, the false eyelashes themselves. Ensure that the scissors you use are specific for trimming false eyelashes and that they are clean and sharp for precise cutting.

Cleaning the False Eyelashes

Before you trim your false eyelashes, it’s crucial to clean them properly. Use a gentle makeup remover or micellar water to remove any residual glue or makeup from the lashes. This step will not only ensure a clean base for trimming but will also extend the lifespan of your false eyelashes.

Removing Any Excess Glue

Inspect the false eyelashes for any excess glue that may have accumulated along the lash band. Gently remove any residue using tweezers or your fingernail, being careful not to damage the lashes. A clean lash band will make it easier to achieve a seamless application and a comfortable fit.

How Do I Measure And Trim False Eyelashes To Fit My Eyes?

Trimming False Eyelashes

Trimming false eyelashes is a delicate process that requires precision and attention to detail. By following these steps, you can achieve a customized fit that flatters your eye shape.

Using Small Scissors for Precision

When trimming false eyelashes, it’s crucial to use small scissors specifically designed for this purpose. These scissors have sharp and precise blades that allow you to trim the lashes with accuracy. Avoid using regular household scissors, as they may be too large or dull, resulting in uneven or jagged cuts.

Trimming from the Outer Corner

Start trimming the false eyelashes from the outer corner. Hold the strip against your natural lash line, aligning the inner corner properly. Trim small sections at a time, moving towards the inner corner. This gradual approach allows you to maintain control and prevents you from cutting off too much at once.

Trimming the Inner Corner

After trimming the outer corner, focus on trimming the inner corner of the false eyelashes. Use the same gradual approach, trimming small sections until you achieve the desired length. Remember to compare the length of the lashes to your natural lashes as you go along to ensure a harmonious and natural look.

Trimming in Small Increments

When trimming false eyelashes, it’s important to proceed in small increments. This gradual approach allows you to achieve an even and balanced result. Remember, you can always trim more if needed, but it’s challenging to fix overtrimmed lashes. Take your time and be patient throughout the process to achieve the best outcome.

Double-Checking the Fit

Once you’ve completed trimming the false eyelashes, it’s crucial to double-check the fit. Place the strip against your lash line without adhesive and ensure that it aligns with your natural lashes. Additionally, make sure the length and shape of the lashes flatter your eye shape. If any further adjustments are needed, repeat the trimming process until you achieve the perfect fit.

Applying False Eyelashes

Once your false eyelashes are trimmed to the ideal size, it’s time to apply them. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless and comfortable application.

Applying Eyelash Glue

Before applying the false eyelashes, apply a thin layer of eyelash glue along the lash band. Use a specialized eyelash glue that is safe for use on the eyes and dries clear. Start from the inner corner of the strip and work your way towards the outer corner, ensuring that the glue is evenly distributed.

Allowing Glue to Become Tacky

After applying the eyelash glue, allow it to become tacky. This usually takes around 30 seconds, but the drying time may vary depending on the glue you use. Waiting for the glue to become tacky ensures a stronger bond and reduces the chances of the lashes sliding or lifting after application.

Placing the False Eyelashes

Using a pair of tweezers or your fingers, carefully position the false eyelashes along your natural lash line. Start from the inner corner and press the lash band down, ensuring that it adheres firmly. Then, gently press down the outer corner to secure the lashes in place. Take your time during this step to achieve a seamless and natural-looking application.

How Do I Measure And Trim False Eyelashes To Fit My Eyes?

Blending False Eyelashes

To achieve a cohesive and polished look, it’s essential to blend your false eyelashes with your natural lashes.

Curling Your Natural Lashes

Before blending your natural lashes with the false ones, use an eyelash curler to curl your natural lashes. This step will help create a uniform curl that blends seamlessly with the false lashes. Start from the base of your lashes and gently clamp the curler, holding it for a few seconds before releasing.

Applying Mascara

To further blend your natural lashes with the false eyelashes, apply a coat of mascara. Use a mascara formula that matches the color of your false lashes to ensure a seamless blend. Apply the mascara from the base of your natural lashes to the tips, wiggling the wand to separate and define the lashes.

Blending Your Natural Lashes with False Eyelashes

Once you’ve curled your lashes and applied mascara, gently press your natural lashes against the false lashes. This step helps to merge both sets of lashes, creating a cohesive and natural look. Use a clean mascara spoolie or your fingertips to gently blend and separate any clumped lashes.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

When measuring, trimming, and applying false eyelashes, it’s crucial to avoid common mistakes that can affect the final result. By being aware of these pitfalls, you can achieve a flawless and comfortable application.

Trimming Too Much at Once

One of the most common mistakes when trimming false eyelashes is cutting off too much at once. Remember, it’s easier to trim additional lengths gradually than to fix lashes that are too short. Take your time, trim small sections, and periodically check the fit to avoid overtrimming.

Cutting in a Straight Line

When trimming false eyelashes, it’s important to avoid cutting in a straight line. Instead, follow the natural shape of the lashes to create a more realistic and seamless look. Cutting straight across can result in a harsh and unnatural appearance, so be mindful of the lash shape when trimming.

Not Considering Eye Shape

Every individual has a unique eye shape, and it’s essential to consider this when measuring and trimming false eyelashes. Take into account the curvature and size of your eyes, adapting the length and shape of the lashes to complement your natural features. Customizing the fit to your eye shape will enhance the overall look and make the false eyelashes appear more natural.

Using Dull or Incorrect Scissors

Using dull or incorrect scissors can make the trimming process challenging and result in uneven or jagged cuts. Ensure that you have small scissors specifically designed for trimming false eyelashes, as they provide better precision. Also, make sure the scissors are clean and sharp for smooth and accurate cutting.

How Do I Measure And Trim False Eyelashes To Fit My Eyes?

Maintaining the False Eyelashes

To prolong the lifespan of your false eyelashes and keep them looking their best, it’s important to maintain them properly. Follow these steps to ensure that your false eyelashes remain in optimal condition.

Removing the False Eyelashes

When it’s time to remove your false eyelashes, be gentle to avoid damaging them. Starting from the outer corner, carefully lift the lash band away from your natural lashes. Avoid pulling or tugging, as this can cause the lashes to detach from the strip or damage your natural lashes. Use tweezers or your fingers to remove any residual glue from the lash band, ensuring it’s clean for the next use.

Cleaning and Storing

To clean your false eyelashes, use a gentle makeup remover or micellar water to remove any residue or makeup. Gently swipe along the lash band with a cotton pad or a clean spoolie, being careful not to damage the lashes. Store your false eyelashes in their original packaging or a clean, dry container to maintain their shape and prevent dust or debris from accumulating.

Choosing the Right False Eyelashes

With various options available, choosing the right false eyelashes can significantly enhance your overall look. Consider these factors when selecting your false eyelashes.

Determining Your Desired Look

Before choosing false eyelashes, consider the look you wish to achieve. Whether you prefer a natural, subtle enhancement or a dramatic, voluminous effect, understanding your desired look will guide you in selecting the appropriate false eyelashes.

Considering the Lash Band Material

The material of the lash band can significantly impact the comfort and appearance of false eyelashes. Some lash bands are flexible and soft, while others may be stiffer or made of different materials. Experiment with different lash bands to determine which type suits your preferences and feels the most comfortable.

Evaluating Eyelash Styles

There are numerous eyelash styles available, ranging from fluttery and wispy to fuller and more voluminous. Consider your eye shape, natural lash volume, and the occasion for wearing false eyelashes. By evaluating different styles, you can find the perfect match that enhances your eye shape and suits your personal style.

Tips and Tricks

To further improve your experience with false eyelashes, consider these tips and tricks.

Trimming Gradual Length to Achieve a Natural Look

If you’re aiming for a natural look, consider trimming the false eyelashes in a gradual length pattern. This technique involves trimming the lashes in different lengths, with shorter lashes closer to the inner corner and longer lashes towards the outer corner. This method mimics the natural growth pattern of lashes and creates a more realistic appearance.

Using Eyelash Applicator Tweezers

If you find it challenging to apply false eyelashes with your fingers, consider using eyelash applicator tweezers. These specialized tools provide better control and precision during the application process. They help position the lashes securely against your lash line, ensuring a seamless result.

Experimenting with Different Eyelash Styles

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different eyelash styles to discover your favorites. False eyelashes can transform your look and allow you to get creative with your makeup routine. Try different lengths, volumes, and shapes to find the perfect false eyelashes that enhance your eyes and boost your confidence.

Seeking Professional Help if Unsure

If you find the process of measuring, trimming, and applying false eyelashes daunting or if you’re unsure about the best style for your eye shape, consider seeking professional help. Makeup artists or beauty consultants can provide expert advice and guidance, ensuring that you achieve a flawless and comfortable application.


With the proper technique and a little practice, measuring and trimming false eyelashes can become a breeze. By customizing the fit to your specific eye shape and taking care of your false eyelashes, you can achieve a seamless and natural look that enhances your eye makeup routine. Remember to experiment with different styles and seek professional help if needed. With perfectly fitted false eyelashes, you can elevate your look and make your eyes shine with confidence.