How Do Professionals Add Embellishments Like Rhinestones And Crystals To False Eyelashes?

Have you ever wondered how professionals manage to turn a simple pair of false eyelashes into a dazzling masterpiece? It’s all in the intricate art of embellishment. By skillfully adding rhinestones and crystals to false eyelashes, professionals can transform your eyes into a sparkling work of art. But how exactly do they do it? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the techniques and tools that professionals use to add these dazzling embellishments to false eyelashes, allowing you to truly make a statement with your lashes. So, get ready to unlock the secrets behind these glamorous eye-catching creations!

Choosing the Right False Eyelashes

When selecting false eyelashes, it’s important to consider the type that will best suit your needs. There are several options available, including strip lashes, individual lashes, and cluster lashes. Strip lashes are the most common and easiest to apply, while individual lashes provide a more customizable and natural look. Cluster lashes, on the other hand, offer a fuller effect and are often used for special occasions.

Choosing the Length and Style

After deciding on the type of false eyelashes, it’s time to choose the desired length and style. False eyelashes come in various lengths, ranging from short and natural-looking to long and dramatic. The length you choose should complement your eye shape and overall desired effect.

Additionally, consider the style of the false eyelashes. Some lashes have a more natural appearance, while others are designed with added volume and curl for a more glamorous look. It’s important to choose a style that matches your personal preferences and the occasion you’ll be wearing them for.

How Do Professionals Add Embellishments Like Rhinestones And Crystals To False Eyelashes?

Considering the Eyelash Band

The eyelash band is an important factor to consider when selecting false eyelashes. The band is what holds the individual lashes or clusters together, and it can vary in thickness and flexibility. Thinner bands are often easier to work with and provide a more comfortable fit, while thicker bands may require more skill and practice to apply.

It’s also worth noting that some false eyelashes come with clear bands, while others have black bands to blend in with your natural lashes. The choice of band color depends on your desired look and personal preference.

Preparing the False Eyelashes

Before applying the false eyelashes, it’s essential to prepare them properly to ensure a seamless and long-lasting application.

Cleaning the Eyelashes

To clean the false eyelashes, gently remove any residue or glue from previous uses. You can do this by carefully peeling off any dried adhesive or mascara with your fingers or tweezers. It’s crucial to handle the lashes delicately to avoid damaging them.

Trimming and Shaping the Eyelashes

False eyelashes often come in a standard size, but they can be too long for some individuals. Use small scissors to carefully trim the lashes to fit your eye shape perfectly. It’s recommended to start trimming from the outer edges gradually, as it’s easier to maintain the natural shape of the lashes this way.

Additionally, you can also shape the false eyelashes using a clean mascara wand or a pair of tweezers. Gently comb or press the lashes into a desired curve or shape to create a more customized look.

Prepping the Eyelash Band

To make the false eyelashes easier to apply and adhere to your natural lashes, it’s beneficial to prep the eyelash band. This can be done by gently bending the lashes back and forth to soften the band’s rigidity. It helps to create a better fit and allows for a more seamless application.

How Do Professionals Add Embellishments Like Rhinestones And Crystals To False Eyelashes?

Selecting the Embellishments

Embellishments like rhinestones and crystals can add a touch of glamour and uniqueness to your false eyelashes. When selecting these embellishments, there are a few factors to consider.

Choosing Rhinestones and Crystals

Firstly, consider the size and shape of the rhinestones and crystals you want to use. They come in various sizes, from tiny delicate gems to larger eye-catching stones. It’s essential to choose a size that complements the overall look you want to achieve.

Additionally, consider the shape of the rhinestones and crystals. They can be round, square, rectangular, or even more intricate shapes like stars or hearts. It’s all about personal preference and the design you have in mind.

Considering Size, Shape, and Color

Besides the rhinestones and crystals, you should also consider the overall size, shape, and color of the false eyelashes themselves. Depending on the desired effect, you may want to choose longer lashes for just a few embellishments or fuller lashes for a more dramatic look.

Furthermore, the color of the false eyelashes should also be taken into account. Select lashes that will complement the colors of the rhinestones and crystals you plan to use. For a cohesive and harmonious design, choose colors that work well together.

Planning the Design

Before applying the embellishments, it’s essential to plan out the design to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing result.

Sketching the Design

Take the time to sketch out the design you have in mind for your false eyelashes. This will help you visualize the placement and density of the embellishments. You can use pen and paper or even digital tools to create a detailed sketch.

Deciding Placement and Density

Consider where you want to place the rhinestones and crystals on the false eyelashes. It’s important to think about whether you want a scattered or clustered design. Placement and density will depend on personal preference, the size of the embellishments, and the overall effect you want to achieve.

Considering Symmetry and Balance

Maintaining symmetry and balance in your design is crucial for a visually pleasing result. Make sure to distribute the embellishments evenly and create a balanced look on both eyes. This will ensure that your false eyelashes appear cohesive and well-designed.

How Do Professionals Add Embellishments Like Rhinestones And Crystals To False Eyelashes?

Applying Individual Embellishments

Now it’s time to bring your design to life by applying the individual rhinestones and crystals to the false eyelashes.

Using Tweezers or Wax Pencil

To handle the embellishments with precision, it’s advisable to use tweezers or a wax pencil. These tools will help you pick up and place the rhinestones and crystals accurately and securely.

Applying Adhesive to Embellishment

Before placing an embellishment on the false eyelash, apply a small amount of adhesive to the back of it. Make sure to use lash glue or adhesive that is safe for use on the eyes. Allow the adhesive to become tacky for a few seconds before proceeding to the next step.

Placing the Embellishment on Eyelash

Using the tweezers or wax pencil, carefully place the embellishment on the desired spot of the false eyelash. Press gently to ensure it adheres securely to the lash band. Repeat this process for each individual embellishment, following your planned design.

Creating Rhinestone Clusters

Rhinestone clusters are a popular design choice for added glamour and impact. Follow these steps to create your own stunning rhinestone clusters.

Preparing a Small Amount of Adhesive

Prepare a small amount of adhesive on a clean surface or palette. Use a toothpick or a small brush to apply the adhesive directly onto the lash band or the back of individual rhinestones. It’s crucial not to use too much adhesive to avoid any excess glue seeping onto the lashes.

Using Wax Pencil or Tweezers

Similar to the previous steps, use a wax pencil or tweezers to handle the rhinestones for the clusters. Ensure that the adhesive is tacky before picking up each rhinestone.

Cluster Placement and Spacing

Decide on the placement and spacing of the rhinestone clusters along the lash band. You can create clusters of various sizes and shapes, depending on your design preference. Gently press the rhinestones onto the adhesive, using a fingertip or a clean tool, and hold them in place for a few seconds to ensure they stick.

Applying a Line of Rhinestones or Crystals

If you prefer a sleek and elegant look, a line of rhinestones or crystals along the lash band can be a great choice. Here’s how to achieve this effect.

Applying Adhesive to Eyelash Band

Using a toothpick or small brush, apply a thin line of adhesive along the lash band where you want the rhinestones or crystals to be placed. Make sure to use a steady hand to create a straight line. Allow the adhesive to become tacky before proceeding.

Placing the Rhinestones or Crystals

Using tweezers or a wax pencil, pick up each rhinestone or crystal and place it directly onto the adhesive. Gently press down to secure it in place. Repeat this step until you have created a line of embellishments along the lash band.

Creating a Straight Line

To ensure that the line of rhinestones or crystals appears straight and symmetrical, take your time and carefully align each embellishment. It may be helpful to step back and assess the alignment from a distance to make any necessary adjustments.

Applying Full Coverage Designs

For a show-stopping look, consider creating a full coverage design with rhinestones and crystals. This will completely cover the lash band and create a dazzling effect.

Creating Adhesive Grid on Eyelash Band

To begin, apply a thin layer of adhesive directly onto the lash band. Instead of a straight line, create a grid-like pattern by crossing diagonal lines over each other. Ensure that the adhesive is tacky before moving on to the next step.

Attaching Rhinestones or Crystals

Using tweezers or a wax pencil, begin attaching rhinestones or crystals to the adhesive grid on the lash band. Work systematically and fill in the spaces of the grid with the embellishments. Take your time to align each piece and create a cohesive pattern.

Filling the Entire Eyelash Band

Continue attaching rhinestones or crystals until you have filled the entire lash band, leaving no empty spaces. It’s important to maintain the symmetry and balance of the design as you work your way across the lash band. Take breaks as needed to ensure accuracy and avoid any strain on the eyes.

Securing the Embellishments

To ensure that the embellishments stay in place throughout the day or night, it’s crucial to secure them properly.

Checking Adhesive Dryness

Before moving forward, make sure that the adhesive used for the embellishments is fully dry and tacky. This will prevent any accidental movement or displacement of the rhinestones and crystals.

Applying Additional Adhesive

If you find that any of the embellishments feel loose or are not securely attached, carefully apply a small amount of additional adhesive. Use a toothpick or small brush to target the specific area that needs reinforcement and allow it to dry completely.

Pressing Embellishments Gently

To ensure a secure bond between the adhesive and the false eyelashes, gently press down on the entire lash band. This will help the embellishments adhere to the band more securely and prevent any accidental lifting or movement.

Adding Finishing Touches

To complete the embellishment process, it’s important to add some final touches and ensure the overall look is flawless.

Trimming Excess Adhesive or Threads

Inspect the false eyelashes for any excess adhesive or threads that may have been created during the application process. Use small scissors or tweezers to carefully trim away any visible excesses, ensuring a clean and polished appearance.

Inspecting the Eyelashes

Take a moment to inspect the false eyelashes and ensure that the embellishments are evenly applied and secure. Check for any gaps or loose rhinestones that may need to be addressed.

Applying a Sealant or Clear Adhesive

To maximize the longevity and durability of the embellishments, consider applying a sealant or clear adhesive over the entire lash band. This will help lock the rhinestones and crystals in place and prevent any accidental loss or damage.

With these comprehensive steps and attention to detail, you can create stunning false eyelashes adorned with rhinestones and crystals just like the professionals. Let your creativity shine, and enjoy your glamorous new look!