This Makeup Artist Just Created Stunning Watercolor Makeup Using Fruit Stripe Gum Wrappers

Get ready to be amazed by the stunning creativity of this makeup artist who has taken makeup to a whole new level. Using nothing more than Fruit Stripe gum wrappers, she has created incredible watercolor makeup looks. These vibrant and colorful designs are truly a sight to behold. From bold and whimsical to soft and ethereal, each creation showcases the artist’s skill and innovation. Prepare to be wowed by this extraordinary display of artistry and imagination brought to life through makeup.

Makeup Artist Creates Stunning Watercolor Makeup Using Fruit Stripe Gum Wrappers

This Makeup Artist Just Created Stunning Watercolor Makeup Using Fruit Stripe Gum Wrappers


In the world of makeup artistry, there is no shortage of creativity and innovation. Makeup artists are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, exploring new techniques and materials to create stunning looks. One makeup artist, in particular, has taken the artistry of makeup to a whole new level by using fruit stripe gum wrappers to create watercolor-inspired makeup looks. The results are truly mesmerizing and unique, showcasing the artist’s talent and ingenuity.

Inspiration for the Watercolor Makeup

The inspiration for this watercolor makeup technique came from the world of art itself. The makeup artist, whose passion for both makeup and art runs deep, found inspiration in the vibrant and fluid colors of watercolor paintings. Drawing from this inspiration, the artist sought to translate the techniques used in traditional watercolor paintings into the medium of makeup, resulting in a truly innovative and beautiful approach to cosmetic artistry.

Techniques Used by the Makeup Artist

To achieve the watercolor effect using gum wrappers, the makeup artist employs a variety of techniques. One such technique is blending and layering, which allows for the creation of seamless gradients and transitions between colors. The artist also utilizes various brushes and tools to apply the makeup, each chosen for its ability to produce specific effects, such as soft washes of color or precise detailing.

Choosing the Right Gum Wrappers

The choice of gum wrappers is crucial in creating the desired watercolor effect. The makeup artist has spent countless hours experimenting with different brands and flavors of gum, carefully considering the colors and patterns on the wrappers. Some wrappers offer bold and vibrant colors, while others provide softer pastel tones. By selecting the right combination of wrappers, the artist is able to achieve a wide range of watercolor effects.

This Makeup Artist Just Created Stunning Watercolor Makeup Using Fruit Stripe Gum Wrappers

Preparing the Gum Wrappers for Makeup Application

Before the gum wrappers can be used as makeup, they need to be cleaned and sanitized to ensure the safety and hygiene of the application. The makeup artist meticulously cleans each wrapper, removing any residue or dirt. Once cleaned, the wrappers are cut and shaped to facilitate easier application on the skin. This preparation process is essential in achieving a seamless and professional result.

Applying the Watercolor Makeup

To apply the watercolor makeup, the artist first primes the skin to create a smooth and even canvas. This helps the makeup adhere better and ensures longevity. The artist then begins by building up layers of color, starting with lighter shades and gradually adding more intensity. The makeup is applied using gentle brush strokes to mimic the fluidity and transparency of watercolor paintings. The edges are blended and feathered to create a soft and ethereal look.

This Makeup Artist Just Created Stunning Watercolor Makeup Using Fruit Stripe Gum Wrappers

Creating Different Watercolor Effects

The versatility of this watercolor makeup technique allows for the creation of various effects. For a soft and ethereal look, the artist focuses on delicate washes of color and subtle blending. To achieve vibrant and bold watercolor effects, the artist applies more opaque layers of color and plays with contrasting shades. Additionally, the artist has also explored abstract and avant-garde designs, pushing the boundaries of traditional makeup artistry.

Tips for Achieving a Long-Lasting Watercolor Look

To ensure the longevity of the watercolor makeup, the artist shares some valuable tips. First, setting the makeup with a translucent powder helps to lock in the colors and prevent smudging. Additionally, using a long-lasting setting spray helps to seal the makeup in place, even in humid conditions. Finally, it is important to avoid excessive touching or rubbing of the makeup, as this can disrupt the delicate layers and cause the colors to fade.

Reactions and Feedback from the Makeup Community

Since the introduction of this unique watercolor makeup technique, the artist has received overwhelming praise and positive feedback from the makeup community. Many fellow artists and enthusiasts have expressed their awe and admiration for the stunning and artistic looks created using gum wrappers. This technique has sparked creativity and inspired others to think outside the box when it comes to makeup application.

The Future of Watercolor Makeup

With such a groundbreaking technique, it is no wonder that the future of watercolor makeup looks promising. The popularity of this unique approach is expected to grow, as more artists and makeup enthusiasts seek to experiment with unconventional materials and techniques. There is also potential for collaborations and partnerships with brands, as the demand for watercolor-inspired makeup continues to rise. The future holds endless possibilities for combining art and makeup in new and exciting ways.